It's not exactly what you think.  The eclipse is not going to cause problems with your cellphone.  The cell companies just know that we're all addicted to Instagram and Facebook Live.

Like fireworks displays, sporting events, and concerts, everyone will be glued to their phones during the August 21st eclipse - the first since 1918.

According to WGME, cellphone companies like AT&T and Verizon know this and are taking steps to minimize issues.  In some places, they are going as far as setting up temporary cell towers.

Many of these will go to State Parks.  These sites typically have spotty service and will see great numbers of eclipse-viewers due to the lack of city lights.  Experts recommend texting instead of calling, making sure your battery is fully charged before you leave the house, and waiting to share pics and video until after the eclipse.

Or, you could just stay off your phone and enjoy the event.

Even if you are not in the "path of totality", there is still a lot to look forward to...

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