Despite a report to the contrary, Gordon Hayward says he did not give Kobe an extra chance to make his 60th point during his farewell to the NBA.

Tributes continue to pour in, and the world collectively mourns the loss of Kobe Bryant. Individually, Sunday's tragedy has become 'where were you when...' important. Earlier this week, an article circulated about Gordon Hayward's involvement with the icon's final game. In the story, sports announcer Mike Tirico recalled a selfless act by Hayward, playing for the Utah Jazz at the time, ensuring Bryant would score 60 points in the April 2016 game. Tirico explained  "Gordon Hayward steps into the lane as Kobe’s about to shoot that last free throw for 60 (points) in case he missed it to give him another shot for 60.”

Cool story, but not true, according to Hayward. Gordon took to Twitter to clarify what happened that night.

Hayward explained "He got 60 on me and I didn’t give him anything free all night. What happened on the free-throw line was not intentional. Kobe would have lost respect for me if I gave him something free. That’s what made him so very special!”

Ultimate respect for a departed icon.


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