It must be the season for unusual tattoos. Not long after Lil Wayne got the name of his skate company etched on his forehead, pop singer Christina Perri has apparently inked "CAPO NODO" on her fingers, as seen in a new photo she revealed on Instagram.

The letters were inked on the underside of her fingers, with "CAPO" on her right hand and "NODO" on the left. Ouch! Along with the photo, Perri posted the message, "Which one do you trust?" Her question led to a lengthy Instagram discussion among her fans, who declared that the words translate as "head" and "heart" and proceeded to debate which of those is most worth trusting.

Assuming the new tattoo is real and not temporary, we admire Perri's courage, as the inside of the fingers seems like a painful spot to add ink. On Thursday, Perri another photo on Instagram with the caption "Time for another one" that showed off her multiple tats on both wrists.

When she's not adding new body ink, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter continues to work on her second album. Perri's debut, 'lovestrong.,' produced the hits 'Jar of Hearts,' 'Arms' and the Jason Mraz collabo 'Distance.' Many of her listeners know her best from 'A Thousand Years,' the beautiful ballad that appeared on the 'Twilight: Breaking Down Part 1' soundtrack.

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