Hilda Lee Cash, a former resident of Rumford, Maine lost her Rhode Island high school class ring on a beach in Cape Cod in 1985. Now she has it back.

Skip Wolsieffer of Osterville, Mass says he found the North Kingston High School class ring, inscribed with Hilda's name, in the summer of 1985, on Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, Mass. He has been trying through the years to find a contact for Cash who through the years lived in Rumford, married and moved to New York.

Thanks to social media and most recently, the Rumford PD facebook page, Wolsieffer discovered that Cash's family was still living on Hancock Street in Rumford. From that point the two connected.

According to the Sun/Journal: Wolsieffer "called her and asked, 'Did you lose your class ring on a beach in Cape Cod?' and she said, 'I haven't seen that ring in 30 years!'"