Talk about protecting and serving!

The Clinton Police Department recently received a rescue call to help a lady who had fallen down in her home and was unable to get up. After helping her up, they went above and beyond in assisting her.

According to their facebook page:

"Officers Roy and Diluca responded to a rescue call to assist a lady that fell. One of her tasks that was undone was the dishes so what does serve and protect mean? Of course they did her dishes!!
It is our mission to change the culture of the police department we want you to know we will do whatever it takes to help you.
Sometimes we have to man handle a very aggressive guy that has injured his wife and other times we will sit on the floor to reassure your loved one that has dementia that they are safe. Today we did the dishes!!!"

And today, we salute you, the fine people of the Clinton Police Department. Thanks for all you do, everyday!





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