Persistence and dedication can certainly take a person far. One man in Colorado has been doing the same thing for 30 years... and his efforts have finally paid off!

A man known as "Joe B." has played the same numbers on the Powerball for the past three decades, and on March 25, he finally won—not just once, but twice.

On March 25, he became the miraculous winner of two $1 million Powerball jackpots. The tickets were reportedly sold at two different shops located on Lake Avenue in Pueblo.

According to the Associated Press, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and necessary social distancing precautions, the Colorado lottery is currently processing winning tickets of $10,000 or more via touch-free, drive-thru claims offices.

Joe B. claimed his winnings on April 24.

It turns out even the coronavirus pandemic can’t stop winners from collecting their winnings.

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