I am a big fan of Bridging The Gap in Augusta.  They are the group that runs the Basic Essentials Pantry, Addies Attic, and the Warming Center at 209 Eastern Ave in Augusta.  Currently, the Warming Center has been closed because winter is over, Addies Attic is closed because of COVID-19 but the Everyday Essentials Pantry IS OPEN with limited hours of Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2. Clients are asked to wait outside and while the staff fills the orders to the best of ability with what they have.  This is where they need your help.

Those same times they are open to accepting donations. While they need everyday hygiene essentials like...toilet paper, shampoo, bar soap, tampons, diaper wipes...BUT they REALLY need toothpaste, size 4-6 diapers, regular sanitary pads, AND disposable gloves. 

You are welcome to donate any basic hygiene items but if you can get any of the items they really need that would be wonderful.  If you a stockpile at home and have some to spare that is wonderful, you have a way to purchase these items in small amounts (or large!) amounts they really, really, really need it.

As always....thank you, my friends!

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