I don't know about you, but I am craving some good news right about now. I saw this story grace my news feed courtesy of the Concord NH Community Group and it gave me a smile from ear to ear.

Police officers aren't exactly getting great press right now in our country and rightfully so. There are some bad ones out there who have been doing bad things for far too long. However, I think it is super important that we highlight the men and women who got into law enforcement for the right reasons. They don't abuse the system. They use their power to help our communities and keep us safe. They also deserve to be acknowledged.

Danielle Jordan McQueen captured a very sweet moment between two police officers and a homeless woman in Concord, New Hampshire. The temp had dropped to the low 40's land these police officers bought a hot coffee and pair of gloves for a woman who was spending the night outside.

Danielle Jordan McQueen via Facebook
Danielle Jordan McQueen via Facebook

These officers didn't do this for praise or recognition. It was an honest moment of two human beings showing compassion and humility towards another. The response on Facebook has been outstanding and members of the Concord, New Hampshire, community are so proud of their police force. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing this moment with us!

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