Some people just have no respect for property that belongs to other people and feel as though they have a right to have it. We like to call those people, thieves. And, it appears as though, thieves have struck again at the popular Scott's Recreation RV dealership in Manchester, Maine.

According to an article from News Center Maine, a camper belonging to a customer has been stolen from the dealer's overflow lot. The news station is reporting that Jessica Dusoe had dropped her camper off for service. When the service had been completed, Scott's staff had placed the camper in the overflow lot across the street at Pyro City (A lot that the dealership has used for years to store excess camper units).

The dealership then called Jessica to let her know the camper was all serviced and ready to go and could be picked up at the Pyro City lot. However, when Jessica got their to pick the unit up, she discovered that it had been taken.

Photo provided by the owners of the camper in hopes someone may see and report the theft
Photo provided by the owners of the camper in hopes someone may see and report the theft

The 29-Foot Forest River camper, valued at about $35,000, is suspected to have been taken from the lot sometime around April 24th or 25th. Maine State Police say that the Pyro City building DOES in fact have security cameras, though they were unable to locate any suspects from the footage.

News Center Maine is reporting that this is the second camper in the last six months to be stolen from the overflow lot. Another customer's camper that had been dropped off for winterization was reportedly stolen back in October.

Maine State Police have not made any reference to the two thefts being related. Maine State Police say they have followed up on about twelve leads so far on Dusoe's stolen camper, though none of those leads produced anything.

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