Deva Dalporto is a blogger, viral video star and now a contributing writer to a new book. Her essay is in the follow-up to the best selling 'I Just Want to Pee Alone' book, 'I Just Want to Be Alone!' This new release is a collection of 37 essays from some of the funniest mommy bloggers on the web.

When we first talked with Deva on the Moose Morning Show, it was right after her first parody video, 'What Does the Kid Say' went viral.


Since then, in just a few short months, she's produced another viral video, a parody of the 'Frozen' smash called, 'Let it Go' and also has a very successful blog called,

Deva always has a humorous take on the daily grind and joys of being a mom and a parent...and in the case of her essay in the new book, a wife! All very relatable. Believe me, I can relate to her story of sending her hubby to the store to get one thing...well you can read the rest! Click here to purchase the very funny book.

Deva Dalporto on the Moose Morning Show!

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