Maine's amazing beauty and reasonable cost of living makes it the perfect place to make a movie.

According to the Maine Film Office, these well known movies were at (least partially) filmed in Maine.

Message In A Bottle (1999) - Based on the Nicholas Sparks' novel, the Kevin Costner movie was filmed in Phippsburg, the Popham area, Portland, Bath, and Brunswick.


Jumanji (1994) - The 1994 Robin Williams classic was partially filmed in The Berwicks


Carousel (1956) - The classic Rogers and Hammerstein musical tells the story of a free living carney who tries to win the love of a woman. lt was filmed in the Boothbay Harbor area


Peyton Place (1957) - The Lana Turner classic was filmed in the Camden.


The Man Without A Face (1993) - The Mel Gibson movie about a recluse who was disfigured by a car accident was filmed around Rockport and Deer Isle


Captains Courageous (1977) - The TV version of the classic novel was shot in Camden and Rockland

Of course, almost every Stephen King movie was made in Maine.  We'll take a look at those next time.


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