I spent my late teens and early 20s living in the Bangor area.  First, as a college student, and later working at several local radio stations.

Like most people that age, once the bars closed down, we all made our way (thanks to a designated driver) to get food at Dysart's Truck Stop in Hermon.  Thousands of people had done it before me and my friends, and thousands of people have done it since.

That is all coming to an end, though.

For the last few days, we'd heard rumors that the truck stop's restaurant would cease serving food 24 hours a day.  Like many, I couldn't believe it.  So, I checked their Facebook page.  No mention of it.  Then, I messaged the page.  Within a few minutes, got a response with the answer.  The rumor was true...

As of October 1st, the Maine institution would no longer be serving food from midnight to 5 AM.

So far, the company has not made a statement, so there is no official reason for the major change.  However, some have speculated the reason could be the difficulty in finding employees these days.

Regardless of the reason, we wish them all the best and I can't wait to have their chicken pot pie next time I make a trip through Bangor.

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