Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The weekend is whirling by even as a three day weekend after taking Friday off. Our plans later today include a whole lot of nothing in particular.

Justin at the basketball game

Yesterday morning first thing, we saw about 20 wild turkeys in our yard. It was almost at the point of being creepy and paranormal but quite amazing all at the same time. Justin, our 10 year old, had a basketball game at the YMCA in Auburn. Great defensive moves. When I say that, you know what that means. His team lost but great intensity by The Sun Journal blue shirts, who only lost by two points. Game well played!

Hostess/Wonder Bread store on Minot Ave. Auburn

Yesterday we also did a bit of grocery shopping. We needed milk, bread and a few other things; not a big shop by any means. Since turkeys right now are so cheap, we bought another one. A slightly smaller bird than the 22.5 lb monstrosity which we'll cook over the Christmas Holidays at some point. Hannaford has Turkeys for .49/ lb.

On our way home from Hannaford, we drove by the Hostess/Wonder Bread factory store on Minot Ave. in Auburn. A lot of cars parked and it looked extremely busy. We get home and have sandwiches for lunch. After we're full, Justin and I with a camera in hand, decide to go back to the Hostess/Wonder Bread thrift store to maybe buy a box of Twinkies. If not Twinkies, some other junk food like chocolate cakes. The store was all out of Twinkies, Ho Hos, Suzy Qs, Ding Dongs. You name it, it was gone, except for bread. Guess bread isn't in high demand. I snap a few pictures and leave empty handed and we head back home.

Inside Hostess. Twinkie mania. (sold out)

While back resting and relaxing for a bit, I call my mother as I always do on Saturday. We had the usual banter, what's going on with her, us, the families as a whole, the Hostess bankruptcy, a little politics and other things that come to mind. Then later in the evening our friends Pat and Judy drop by for a while and we chatted with them until about 11pm. Get settled in, watch Saturday Night Live and fell asleep.

Today has started off pretty slow as I like my Sunday to do. Nothing too much on tap. Tonight at 8, The American Music Awards and the Patriots v. Colts and at 4:25. At the moment, Lynn is off with her Mother and sister Stacy getting the final fixings for Thanksgiving. Dylan and Justin are on the laptop and Vikki was down for a nap, but has decided that sleep is overrated and is running around the house with her "passie" teddy bear and Tom Brady jersey. Vikki up and Vikki being Vikki means my writing here is done for this update.