Most of the time, when we hear about something new that is going to help save lives, it involves a new technology.  Either there is a database or an app involved.  Sometimes both.

That's not the case with the Yellow Dot Program.

It is a super low-tech program that could save your life, or the life of a loved one.

According to Diane Atwood's Catching Health website, the Yellow Dot Program is an easy way (using a yellow dot on the vehicle's window) to indicate to first responders that there is important information on the likely occupants of the vehicle in the vehicle's glove box.

The idea is simple.  If a participating vehicle gets into an accident, or the driver of the vehicle has a medical issue, there is a pouch of important documents in the glove box.  Typically, these would include a current photo of the vehicle owner and of people who typically travel in the vehicle.  It would also include important medical information about these people.

So, if the vehicle was involved in a crash, and the occupants were incapacitated, first responders would have important medical information that will help them in the first crucial minutes following a crash.  For example, they would learn that mom Lauren is diabetic, that son Jimmy is allergic to penicillin, etc.

There is no doubt that this information could help save a life.

The program, which has been around other places for years, launched here in Maine in 2019.  So far, only a handful of municipalities have embraced the idea.  However, as awareness for the program increases, we can be assured more towns and cities will participate.

The original purpose of the program was to help our older loved ones, but there is no minimum age to participate.

Find out if your town or city takes part in the program HERE

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