One of the most notable things revealed in the latest Old Farmer's Almanac was that we would be getting a significant storm in the month of October.  The Almanac said that it was going to be a "Nor'Easter".  Technically, this was more of a "South Easter", but it was still quite a storm.

The rain and wind pummeled the State of Maine for the majority of the day on Friday.  Not surprisingly, all of that rain falling in such a short amount of time led to some significant flooding.

According to WMTW, all of that water washed away a section of Route 17 between Roxbury and Byron.

The really unfortunate part is that drivers heading to Byron face a THREE HOUR LONG DETOUR.

And, it looks as though the situation could get more painful as the Swift River is expected to rise to ten feet between now and early tomorrow morning.

This is the second time that a washed out road has caused a lengthy detour in Western Maine.  Back in August, News Center Maine reported on a washed out road near Jackman that caused a 140+ mile detour.

First responders and members of law enforcement remind people to never drive through a "flooded" road.  It may look like the water is only a few inches deep, but in reality it could be much deeper.  That water could even conceal an already washed out road.  Always use caution.

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