Now if you’re like me, you like a good donut once in a while. I also like to support small local businesses, especially Saturday mornings for breakfast. There’s a place in Damariscotta that fulfills both of those needs.

Old Time Donuts is located on Main Street in Damariscotta. It is owned and operated by the father/son team of Andrew and Al Rzycki. They started this latest venture together in 2018 and quickly became so popular that the regularly sell out of their donuts. So get there early...cuz when they are gone, they close and you will have to wait until next time. Some things are that good.

Old Time Donuts - mmmm

They have worked hard to perfect their recipes and offer several flavors including chocolate either with coconut, glaze or sugar and plain with the same options. Also available is cinnamon sugar and molasses. Their jelly donuts are extra special. They are called pazcki (Polish donuts) and the flavors vary daily. You may have plum one day and strawberry another. Some days you can even get Bavarian cream!

This wonderful shop also offers coffee and a small seating area. They only accept cash and if you want a variety get there early because like any wonderful local bakery they sell out early. It’s a destination worth the drive for those amazing donuts sometimes still served warm.


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