First of all, I've got admit, even if it makes me look as though I've lived a sheltered existence, I have never been served nor have I ever SEEN a triangular pancake but, apparently, they do exist. This story comes from a school in the UK...

Castle View School in Essex has banned flapjacks with pointy ends FOR SAFETY REASONS after a kid was struck in the eye with one during a lunchtime food fight. The seven-year-old was sent home with a sore eye.

I hate to side with the school on this one but banning the food seems a whole lot easier than telling the kids, "no more food fights!"

Oh, I have a couple of questions I haven't had time to research. Maybe you can help me out here.

1- Why are the children having pancakes at lunch?
2- How old are those pancakes that, rather than a flaccid piece of cooked dough, they're hardened projectiles?

There's your assignment. Now, I'm going to call all of our local schools and warn them of this dangerous new weapon I'm sure they're probably not even aware of!!