During Wednesday's Maine CDC press conference, Governor Mills said she was not planning another "stay-at-home" order, citing financial reasons.  However, she did say we could see more government restrictions in an effort to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.  At least some of those restrictions were announced today.

According to WMTW, Mills announced a temporary curfew on certain types of businesses earlier this afternoon (November 19th).

Beginning tomorrow (November 20th) and lasting through Sunday, December 6th, all outdoor and indoor amusement venues, movie theaters, performing arts venues, casinos, and businesses that provide seated food and drink service (restaurants, bars, tasting rooms, etc) will close for the night by 9 PM.

Why those specific dates?  According to Mills, those dates were chosen in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus between people who have come home for the holiday and their loved ones.

She also noted that she was working with the Maine Attorney General’s Office to get businesses guidance of their ability to enforce mandates.

During yesterday's press conference, she called upon the citizens of Maine to really think about every action that would bring them close enough to other people for transmission of the virus to occur.  Large family gatherings, unnecessary trips to the store, dinner at restaurants, etc.


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