A few days ago, we asked our listeners to give us a random piece of advice they'd be willing to give a stranger.  You're all great at passing on sound wisdom.  I learned something from each one, even the ones that were meant to be funny.

Here's some of the better pieces of advice you shared with us:

Julie - Don't let anyone steal your sunshine

Samee - Party while you're young, when you get old it's too hard to get up off the ground!

Andeya - Life is what you make it

Melissa - Always protect those that can’t protect themselves

Kat - That thing your scared to do? Just do it!

Charle - Understand that you may NOT always be right...

Raven - Don't let toxic people run your life

Jason - Don't sweat the petty things, but do pet the sweaty things!

Sheena - Nothing changes if nothing changes

Chevy - You don't get time back ever so choose wisely how you speak, act, and treat others

Penny - Always be kind

Jaime - Life is a gift, don’t take it for granted. You may lose the ones you love, you might find yourself feeling alone so make every moment count. Never hold back. Say no when appropriate but give everything your all. Most of all, make sure you say I love you to those close, it could be the last time

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