After we moved into the house last year we bought a lot of "stuff" including a small pantry cabinet. Our intent was always to buy a second to stack one on the other. We never did and I'm kind of thankful we didn't because it's busted. Vikki being a two years old beat on the door which after awhile detached, broke, then came off and eventually became unusable even after applying duct tape.

This morning Lynn and I went on a mission in search of a panty. We wanted only real wood because as you can see particle board doesn't last. Our journey started with yard sales. I stopped by the ATM, withdrew $100 and figured we'd find something nice for a "Benjamin." We drove up and down the streets of Lewiston and Auburn in search of a cabinet. We found nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Of course all of the yard sales today just have the leftovers after Friday and Saturday. We were kind of bummed out by the lack of furniture.

Justin's parking sign he bought

We went to Marden's, found islands but they were like $300, too rich for our blood. Also went to Big Lots, same story, looked through Goodwill, they didn't have what we wanted either. It's now about noon in this adventure so we decide to go home and re-evaluate the search.

After a coffee and putting Vikki down for a nap, we have Dylan babysit while we go on stage two in our Sunday saga. We go out to South Paris to look through a place called Rock Bottom Used Furniture. Guess what, they're not open on Sundays. We still peer through the window and find it doesn't look as though they have anything we want. Disappointed we leave but right after, we saw a sign that read, "flea market" which was located right behind Save-A-Lot in Oxford. They had nothing but there was an auction going on in an adjacent building. We almost went in but Dylan was home with Vikki and he doesn't change diapers so we decide not to stay in case of a phone call, plus it was too stuffy and hot, no A/C either in the building.

Fat Boy

We head back on Rt 26 toward Auburn and stop at a few places. First up was Pa's Antiques and Pawn. They had a lot of cool stuff, but no pantry. Same story at the Under Cover Antique Mall/Flea Market, and walked through few other places with still no pick. We're back home, Vikki's still asleep and we're discussing stage three. It's about 2:30 so we eat a late lunch consisting of leftover finger rolls from Vikki's party yesterday. Vikki gets up, we coax the boys with Fat Boy if they come to Brunswick with us and check out an indoor flea market and antique store at a former mill located pretty much on the Topsham/Brunswick line.

Car gets parked and you know how these places are an hour or so before closing, they're all but closed. Okay, I'm embellishing a bit, but there were a few venders who had closed their booths by 4pm. Again there was nothing we liked. There were cabinets but either they were too yucky or too high in price. I kid you not I saw a price tag at the antique place in the mill by the Thai restaurant that read, $12,500. I assumed at the time it was just for the hutch it was attached to. Hopefully it was for a set or something but either way I didn't even want look through the details; just keep me away from any possible fault in damages.

Bad weather is coming

So we leave with a "2hr parking" sign for $15 that Justin wanted and a hat rack Lynn wanted and will upcycle for my ball caps. We ate at Fat Boy Drive-In and came home just before the thunder storms. Again with nothing.