Spring cleaning continues through the weekend. When we moved in the transition was so fast our extreme clean attempt became, "Oh, that's good enough." Last year we cleaned but in semi fashion. This year we're getting it done in a major way a) because the house needs it and b) because I'm still looking for my wedding ring.

While looking for the ring, which by the way still hasn't turned up, we found some really cool stuff, including trading cards and a really old postcard. Behind the radiator in the study/Vikki's play room we found a whole slew of Harley Davidson cards from 1992 and also from 1992, political trading cards. We have Ross Perot but sad to say, no Bill Clinton or George H.W. Bush.

We found the cards along with a postcard from check this, the postmark is from 1937. The stamp attached is valued at one cent. I'll have to look up values on these findings.