We’ve been planning a vacation to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this summer, hotel and minivan are reserved. The only thing left really is getting the passports. Getting passports is a long time overdue, meaning that we should have probably gotten them four years ago. That would be the reason our last time north was back in the spring of 2009 and just weeks before that new policy went into place for the Canadian and Mexican border crossings.

Now for going to Canada, Mexico, taking Caribbean cruises and other surface North American crossings a Passport card will be sufficient. The card is a government issued ID which looks somewhat like a Drivers License but with tougher and higher standards. The card is a lot less than the blue book passport. There is of course the blue passport book which most have seen. I do sometimes think to myself what if coming back you didn't have a passport? Would U.S. Customs really not let you back in to the country?  Anyway, rules and rules I suppose.

Earlier today my wife Lynn, our daughter and I all got our photos done at CVS and this afternoon the boys will get their photos done after school. After we have all the pictures added to the other documents we’ll head to either the Lewiston Post Office or Auburn Court House and send it all.

I hear you have to mail out your birth certificate and social security card along with the forms? I’m a little leery of my social security number floating about in the abyss but others before me have done this and others after will get passports and get their documents returned without problem.