After The Made in Maine Expo tomorrow and tomorrow night's show I begin my vacation. Unlike my last one a few weeks ago this one will be more of a "staycation." Not that we wont do anything fun or go places but it will be more chill. 

Sunday we may do a trip to Rhode Island to see my great Uncle and Aunt's grave. They both died within a few weeks over each other in the late spring of 2011. We're thinking of Sunday because this would have been the weekend we would have gone if they were still alive to visit. For about 30 years in a row we made the trip to North Kingstown (Wickford), Rhode Island every second weekend in August. Last year we didn't go but this year we might. We might drive down, go to the cemetery, say a little prayer and thank them for all they've done for us and then on the way back hit Providence Place Mall just off 95.

Monday or Tuesday weather pending, we're going to Funtown/Splashtown. It's something we've promised the boys for a while and haven't been able to swing because our hectic schedules.

Wednesday, Lynn's cousin from New Brunswick and her kids will be in town for 'back to school' shopping. I think there is a trip to North Conway in the picture as well.

Thursday, we have a meet and greet open house type event with the staff and teachers at Edward Little High School. It's really hard to believe that Dylan is a high school freshman.


There is a small chance I could see my sister and Mom. There is talk of meeting up in Calais for a day or two but we'll see.

Also on the agenda is The Great Falls Balloon Festival right here in town happening  the weekend of the 16th, 17th and 18th.

After I've written this I guess the vacation won't be as chill or lazy as I intend but it will be a good time.

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