I am very excited for my son Dylan. After tireless fundraising and monthly payments he and the Edward Little High School marching band are heading to New York City Thursday to play at Rutgers and see the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps.

On top of performing, they’re going to see the Lion king on Broadway, visit the top of 30 Rock, take a bus and harbor tour, see the Statue of Liberty, who knows what other fun will be had? On a more somber note they'll be visiting Ground Zero.

In 9th grade we went to Washington DC on our school trip and along the way saw a Red Sox game in Boston, went to the top of the Empire State Building, FAO Shwartz toy store in New York, Times Square and at the time went to the Twin Towers. I really wish I still had the photos. Like others I’m sure, had a photo looking straight up between Tower One and Tower Two. I just remember being so taken by how tall the buildings were and what I remember most was how they looked like they were going to touch if they were any taller.

We of course spent a couple of days at the Smithsonian museums, we also did a day at Busch Gardens and also went to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. That trip is also where I started drinking coffee. My first cup at a breakfast stop a McDonald’s in New York City.

Oddly our trip back in 1987 cost almost half the amount of my son’s for over twice the length away but I want so bad for him to have great memories like I had on my trip.

He maybe 14 but he hasn’t been a away from Mom and Dad for more than a night. He leaves Thursday morning but it may as well be Wednesday night. The bus leaves at 4:30 am.