While everyone was waiting for #Shamila to show their love on the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards stage, Halsey didn't seem to care too much for Shawn Mendes' solo performance of "If I Can't Have You."

As MTV brought their Stan Cam back onto social, it caught Halsey completely focused on her phone during Mendes' first set of the night.

Even though fans of the "Lost in Japan" singer were loving the performance, the pop star was seen furiously texting someone during his set. And since she's been tight with the members of BTS since their 2019 MTV VMAs-winning collaboration, the Army was quick to celebrate her apparent disinterest in the event.

"Halsey just texted us saying how much better our awards are #2019BangtanMVAs #BTSMVAwards @BTS_twt," one fan tweeted.

"halsey: u guys are so lucky u don't have to sit through this..." another fan posted on Twitter.

While we're not sure who she was messaging during the musical set, it seems pretty clear that she was looking for something else to do instead of listening to Mendes — though it's likely she didn't mean to shade him!

See how other Halsey fans reacted to her phone faux pas, below:

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