So, the latest dumb internet challenge is the "Straw Challenge".

The challenge, which appears to have originated on TikTok about a month ago, involves drinking a glass of something using a paper towel or toilet paper roll as the straw.

In all the videos where I have seen this tried, not one person has been able to do it.

Here's a NSFW compilation of TikTok videos where people have tried it.

While not the safest way someone can occupy their time, at least it doesn't involve eating Tide Pods.

There's an alternative version I've seen that specifically pretains to remaining hydrated while spending time at home during stay-at-home orders.  Basically, it is a fun way to make sure you drink enough water when you're stuck at home.  If you have a water filter built into your fridge (or a water cooler, or faucet, or whatever), you put a cup under the spout and start to fill it.  Then, you stick a straw in the cup and start drinking.  The challenge is to see how long you can do it before the cup overflows.

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