One of the amazing things about living in Maine is our ability to come together to support a worthwhile cause.  Here is our opportunity to do it again.

According to the Lincoln County News, a family in Waldoboro needs our help.

Hayden Libby's mother gave birth to him only 28 weeks into her pregnancy.  He would spend much of the first year of his life in the hospital.  Sadly, in addition to being born premature, he also has hemifacial microsomia.

hemifacial microsomia is a genetic disorder that causes one half of his face to be underdeveloped.  It affects the bone, cartilage, and fat on the left side of Hayden’s face.

The disorder has caused multiple problems, but the most concerning was the severe sleep apnea.  His parents have described times when they have heard him stop breathing and held their breath as they waited for him to resume breathing.

In the first five years of his life, he had ten surgeries.  Fortunately, the most serious surgeries are behind them.  They are no longer concerned about the apnea.  The final surgery that his parents really want him to have will reshape his left ear.  This will allow him to hear from it.

While they have worked hard to pay for Hayden's previous ten surgeries, they really need the community's help paying for this last one.  The price is in excess of $70,000.

The Libby's have been shocked by the kindness of their community. They've already received donations from the Searsport First Congregational Church, the Nobleboro Fire Department, and their community on Dutch Neck Road in Waldoboro. They also got a  $15,000 grant from the Small Wonders Foundation, the Libbys are almost halfway to their goal.

If you would like to donate, you can through their GoFundMe.

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