I want to take a moment tell a story about a two and a half year old girl, Aubrey Renee Coburn. She is undergoing quite an ordeal. Aubrey was born on August 9, 2010 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. At just three days of age she had her first open heart surgery. Then just a few short months later, another heart surgery. Now, the sweet girl needs a third this coming spring.

Dad and Aubrey, just first Aubrey's surgery at birth (Facebook, used with permission)

I've met this sweet girl through my wife Lynn who graduated with the Aubery’s mother. Aubrey, when I saw her, was a happy bouncy two year old. The family lives in the Green/Leeds area and would go to any lengths, as you would I’m sure, to give their child a healthy life.

Aubrey today (Facebook, used with permission)

As you can imagine, these medical costs are tremendous. BeBe’s is taking bottles to help out. If you’re able, you can join me and my wife by bringing your returnables to BeBe’s Bottle Barn on Rt 202, near Landry’s at the corner of 202 and Allen Pond Road in Greene. You could also give a nominal donation. The Coburn family would be very appreciative of your help.

BeBe's Bottle Barn
Aubrey's The poster