Most of us have seen the news stories about how nearly everything has dropped in price since the beginning of the pandemic.  There's a good chance you have even witnessed it for yourself.  Gas, electronics, cars, clothes, even vacations, have all seemingly dropped in price...

Even though you are hearing this non-stop, your bill at the grocery store continues to climb.  What's the deal?

Well, according to CNN, the only thing that has not dropped in price is food.  In April alone, the price of groceries jumped by an average of 2.6%!  That's the biggest increase from one month to the next since the mid-1970s.

Why has the price of food increased, while the price of nearly everything else dropped?  There are several reasons, including the panic buying at the beginning of the pandemic, shortages caused by the disruption of the supply chain, and processing plants temporarily shut down by viral outbreaks.


Some of the notable increases include:

Eggs - up 16%

Bread - up nearly 3.7%

Juice - up nearly 4%

Apples - up 5%

Oranges - up nearly 6%

Beef - up 3%

Chicken  - up 6%

Hot Dogs - up 5.7%


Yes, these price increases are fairly small, but they do add up over time.

On top of that, it looks as though they are still trying to work out those supply chains issues.  Personally, whenever I go to the store, it seems like finding protein (steak, chicken, pork) is a roll of the dice.  You never know what you're going to get.

Have you noticed that you are paying more when you go to the grocery store?  And, is there anything else that you are having issues finding at the grocery store. Share it with us through our app.

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