I have no problem admitting that, at times, I am a really impatient person.  Like a lot of people, I have a lot of things going on in my life and rarely enough time to get everything done.  Some days, I am on the run from before the sun comes up until after sunset.

Because of how busy I am, avoidable traffic backups really annoy the crap out me.  Yes, some backups are unavoidable.  For example, the jam we have on Western Avenue or Bangor Street in Augusta on weekday mornings.  There are thousands of government workers coming into town at the same time.  It is going to cause traffic backups.  Other times, though, people do things that cause completely avoidable jam-ups with traffic.

One of the things people do that makes me irate involves turning lanes.  To quote Peter Griffin, "it really grinds my gears!"

A lot of times, on busier in town streets, you'll find two lanes at the intersection.  One lane is for going straight or turning left.  The other lane is for turning right.

So, what's the issue?

Normally, there is no issue, unless someone is unable to stay in their lane.  There are a couple intersections in our area where I always find myself turning right.  And, I always seem to encounter people who can't seem to keep their vehicle in their lane.  Sometimes, these people literally straddle the divider between the lanes.

I am not talking about people driving super duty trucks, either.  They have bigger vehicles so we tend to give them some leeway.  In most cases, these are average sized cars or SUVs  Sometimes, they are even compact cars.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If there are no curbs, it is not that big of a problem, because you can just skootch over a little to get around them.  But, if there are curbs or sidewalks, you can't.

Please stop doing this!  It prevents people who could normally turn right, from turning right because they can't get into the right lane.

Sure, if it is a quiet time of day, or a quiet area, it is just a minor inconvenience.  But, during peak times, it could really back traffic up.

So, please be courteous and make sure your vehicle is fully in the lane.

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