My brief interaction with a fast food employee at an I-95 service plaza really made my night.

As some of you may know, in addition to being a radio DJ, I am also a bar / club / event DJ.  I'm one of those guys who spends nearly every Friday and Saturday night at a bar or nightclub.  I'm not there to drink, I'm there to (hopefully) entertain the people who are drinking.  It's a fun job, but it can also be very draining.

Recently, I had one of those draining nights.  The southern Maine bar where I was DJing had a good, fun crowd, but all that goes into the job takes a lot out of you.  Selecting the right song to play next, mixing beats, yelling over the loud music...    Then, after the customers were gone, I pack up my equipment and make the nearly 90 minute drive back home.

Having skipped dinner, I decided to stop for a snack at the Northbound Gray Service Plaza.  I dragged myself out of my vehicle and into the service plaza's Burger King.  When I say dragged, I mean DRAGGED.  I was beat!

I caught the lone employee in the process of doing some regular cleaning of some of the kitchen equipment.  Spotting me enter the restaurant, he waved from the kitchen area and quickly made his way over to the counter.  I ordered a vanilla milkshake and he went to work making it.

We talked briefly as he added the ingredients to a plastic tumbler and then whipped it up.  We talked for another few minutes as he handed over the shake and I paid for it.  The fact that he was so friendly at 2 AM, especially when he's doing a tough job and probably has to deal with some tough customers (I mean drunk...), really made my night.

I never got his name, so...  Whoever you are, thank you and keep up the good work.

Also, until that night, I never realized that BK shakes were "hand spun".  It's one of the reasons they are so good, especially in the middle of the night.

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