Wow, what a weekend. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. On the last weekend of September we get August heat. What did you do? I spend quite a bit of time outdoors either playing of working.

My Saturday morning was spent at my mother in-laws cleaning her garage for a number of reasons, for one she is trying to sell the house and a garage full of “stuff” isn’t the most pleasing to the eye, also she needs her tables for the up coming craft show season where she sells her knits and other wares.

Garage of stuff

The reason the garage was full of odds and ends including Vikki’s outgrown baby clothes was due to our spring yard sale, it was all the stuff that didn’t sell.

It was about 12 noon and this car pulls up and two women in their 20s walk out and ask what we’re doing with everything I said, giving it to the Salvation Army. They ask if they can have the stuff, we say sure. Come to find out she was taking it for the fire victims in Lewiston at 101 Birch St. from a few nights ago. That warmed my heart knowing that all of the clothes were going to good use.

Over heated and tired we finish up and leave the stuff sorted and ready for the Salvation Army for when it's picked up by their van at some point in the days to come.

Saturday evening we decide to go to Augusta for a little shopping at the Turnpike Mall and dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Sunday, was all about apple picking but it felt more like we should be strawberry picking in the 80 plus degree heat and then we closed out the weekend by going to Fielder’s Choice in Sabattus for ice cream!

Reality is back now at 50 something degrees and showers.