There's no denying that Google Maps (and Google Streetview, Google Earth, Google Mars, etc) are a wealth of knowledge.

Personally, I use it to do a virtual ride before I go somewhere new.  And, you can use them as an educational tool.  I literally spent an hour showing my daughters different places on Earth.  We looked at Augusta, Waterville, Beijing, South Africa, Antarctica...  You get the picture.  Then, we started looking at Mars and the Moon.  Anyway, i digress.

Let's have some fun.  How many of these Central and Midcoast Maine landmarks can you identify from their Google Earth images?

Some of these are going to be VERY simple.  Others could take you a while.

The answer key is at the bottom of the page.

Spoiler space





The Answer Key:

A – The Maine Statehouse in Augusta

B – Old Fort Western in Augusta

C – Colby College in Waterville

D – Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta

E – Granite City Park (AKA The Adirondack Chairs) in Hallowell

F – Kora Shrine Center in Lewiston

G – Fort Knox in Bucksport

H – Saint Augustine Catholic Church in Augusta

I – Breakwater in Rockland

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