Today is one of those days you ask yourself, do I call in sick or not? For me, the answer is almost always no and even if I am "too sick to work," I try to get what I need done, done.

Today I have a sore throat like nobody’s business with a stuffy nose and head while walking around in a daze. For me, it doesn’t push through the threshold of calling in sick. I guess I’d say if I had a fever above 101 that might trigger the call to the boss.

One time years ago I came in to work with a temp of 102.3. I was wobbly and cranky and I remember crashing at my desk for about 20 minutes with my head on the computer keyboard. A page over the phone woke me up.

How sick do you have to be to call in and stay home assuming you’re paid if you’re out for the day?

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