FBI, Getty Images

Here is a nice story after hearing so many about robbery and assets gotten by illegal means. In Webster, Massachusetts a Shaw’s grocery store employee Guy Lebouef, found $8000 on the store parking lot in a bank deposit bag. Instead of just taking it, he brought it in to the store’s office and the police were called.

The police, assuming through information in the bag, contacted James Christian the rightful owner and he got his money back.

He did the right thing, but with cameras all over and it being on the property of his employment I think he probably did the right thing to keep his job as well.

One thing I never understand in these kinds of stories, why would you have that amount of cash on them? It sounds as if though it may have been a company’s daily deposit but still. Go to the bank before getting your groceries.

Okay what’s the most amount of money you’ve found on the ground, and did you keep it or turn it in and or give it back?

Me? If I found the $8000, yes of course I'd turn it in even just as a bystander. That being said, I once found a 20 dollar bill just floating around outside a grocery store in my hometown a few years ago on vacation. No name, I kept it. I also found folded up like 15 dollars or so? It was less than 20 dollars anyway on a sidewalk outside the Colisee in Lewiston before a Trace Adkins concert a few years ago. Again, no one was close to it. It became my concession money.