Do you watch “Storage Wars” on A&E? David Hester, who is no longer part of the show and best known for his signature, “Yuuup” is claiming the show is rigged. I’ve wondered and thought it was odd that storage lockers would have that much stuff of value abandoned in them but who is to say.

There must be pressure to skew reality shows to make them watchable. The cast members, as they are called 'cast members' in the Hester story, I’m sure get a five digit salary per episode so they can afford to make a spectacle of the auction trade.

I’m betting Barry, Darrell and the others up the bids for show. My guess is any serious buyer is nowhere near the cameras during these auctions.

One of my uncles who works in TV said to me once, it’s not about making what you think is good, it’s about making what others want to watch. I am not saying this show is rigged, I am saying there are probably one-liners written for the four or five and ideas for show that make it work. Like Barry rolling in on a scooter, or the banter between Jarrod and Brandi. Darrell’s whining I bet is encouraged if not written out.