I’ve lived in Maine for close to 20 years and I’ve been to almost everywhere in the state at least with a population, Jackman, Machias, Rangeley, Bridgton, Madawaska, Kittery included. One place I hadn’t been until yesterday was Kennebunkport .

Kennebunkport is a lot like any other coastal tourist town in the state, small and seasonal businesses, rocky shore with a few sandy beaches but one distinct difference between say Rockland or Belfast and Kennebunkport are the houses, or should I call them mansions. I would even say they are close to the size and scope of the homes in Newport RI.

Some homes for sale Kennebunkport on or near Ocean Avenue go for millions, I was going through Truila just for laughs, I saw one place going for six million.

Kennebunkport is home to Walker’s Point which as you may know is the Bush family summer home. In downtown Kennebunkport there is a Bush family museum which one day I’d like to go through.

So anyway it was fun to take in the sights of a town I hadn’t visited in Maine.

Is there a place in Maine you’ve never visted that you always wanted to see but for whatever reason have never been?