By now, Lifetime original movies have covered just about every topic imaginable.  Cheating husbands.  Cult abductions.  Teenage serial killers.  Cheating teenage serial killers abducted by cults.

What's next?  A movie about KFC founder Colonel Sanders?

Actually, yes!

According to Marketwatch, Lifetime plans to debut a 15 minute long mini-movie called "A Recipe of Seduction" at Noon on Sunday (December 13th).  The romantic thriller stars Mario Lopez (AC Slater from "Saved By The Bell") as the world-famous fried chicken cook.

And, even though it sounds like a joke, it's not.  It's a real movie.  And, with Mario Lopez on board, you can pretty much guarantee the movie is going to be spicy!  Eleven herbs and spices spicy!  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Check out the trailer:

It's the latest in a series of unique marketing stunts by Kentucky Fried Chicken's parent company YUM Brands.  Earlier this year, they sold chicken scented yule logs and pizza-shaped weighted blankets (to go along with sister restaurant chain Pizza Hut).

The hope is the movie will take people's minds off the pandemic, the election, the economy, and all the other nastiness that 2020 has brought our way for at least a few minutes.

Want to grab a bucket of chicken before you watch the movie?  Find KFC on Civic Center Drive in Augusta, Center Street in Auburn, Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville, and Wilton Road in Farmington.

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