A man at Walt Disney World jumped off a bridge and into a lake for an alleged bet.

On Monday (Oct. 23), a guest at the EPCOT theme park in Florida leapt off a bridge inside the Italy pavilion and landed in the water.

The park guest allegedly pulled the stunt after he was bet $6,000 to jump into the water of the World Showcase Lagoon.

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On TikTok, viral footage shows the man standing on the ledge of the bridge as he eyes the water below.

"Don't do it! You're gonna get kicked out of Disney!" a woman off screen can be heard warning him.

After removing his sunglasses, the man leaps into the water and then quickly swims to shore, climbing over a prop gondola to reach dry land.

"Idiot Jumps Off The Bridge At Epcot for a bet!! hope it was worth it!!" reads the caption. Watch below:

Another video showing a different angle of the stunt claims the bet was for $6,000, and that the man in the video is a TikTok user called @Elit3Trainers.

"@Elit3Trainers jumps off epcot bridge for $6,000 bet... what would you do it?! Lifetime ban or 1 year?!" reads the caption.

There's no word on whether or not the man was banned from Disney World for his stunt. Watch below:

This latest guest-related incident is just one of many that have taken place at Disney World and other Disney parks over the past year.

In a fatal incident back in July, a person fell to their death from their room's balcony at the Contemporary Resort near the Magic Kingdom.

The person who fell was pronounced dead when authorities arrived at the scene.

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