Shrek is finally getting his own theme park land where he can roll around in mud and be an all-star.

The enduringly popular animated ogre (and excellent meme fodder) from the Shrek film series will be one of the featured stars of the new DreamWorks Land opening soon at Universal Orlando resort. The kid-friendly area of the movie theme park will feature separate sections dedicated to three different DreamWorks franchises.

Shrek’s corner of DreamWorks Land, per a press release, will include a “Swamp Meet” where guests will get to “ interact with beloved characters Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey” outside of Shrek’s cottage. (You can see concept art of the area above.)

It will also include an “ogre-sized play area features four fun slides, wet play areas and a playground where guests can climb, bounce and splash around as well as venture into Shrek’s outhouse.” At last, you too will get to know the pleasure of playing in Shrek’s toilet.

There will also be an “interactive experience” tied to Puss in Boots 2, a “Swamp Symphony” attraction and a kiosk where you can get Shrek-inspired foods, including something called a “Shrekzel.” I ... am not sure I want to know what’s in that.

DreamWorks Land will also include an area themed to Kung Fu Panda, seen in this concept art below:


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The Kung Fu Panda area has a “digital interactive meet and greet” with Po himself, plus a Kung Fu Panda playground with “both wet and dry play areas.”

The final third of the land is dedicated to the hugely successful Trolls series of movies and TV shows. It includes the main ride in the area, a “Trolls Trollercoaster” (seen below), plus another playground, and another food kiosk, this one with Trolls-themed desserts. (Mentally prepare yourself know for the “BroZone Berry” ice cream.)


The DreamWorks Land area, which will be located in Universal Studios Florida, takes over a section of the park previously occupied by Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, a Curious George area, and with a playground themed to the 1986 film An American Tail and its 1991 sequel Fievel Goes West. Given that there hasn’t been an American Tail movie in some 30 years, it was probably time for an update.

The DreamWorks Land is set to open this summer at Universal Studios Florida.

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