You hear road rage stories (and see the viral videos of them) all the time.

One driver cuts another driver off or rides their bumper for a while, lights get flashed, horns get honked, middle fingers get exchanged, and before you know it there are two cars on the side of the road with two humans in each others' faces, ready to throw down.

The start of this expected road rage incident had the makings of the outcome described above, but no one could've predicted the absolute turn this whole situation in Saco, Maine, on Thanksgiving Eve took.

Maine Drive Thru Pay It Forward

While Thanksgiving Eve is considered the biggest party night of the year, it can also be one of the more stressful days of the year, too, as many people rush out of work to get home and begin their Thanksgiving dinner prep/cooking for the following day.

Whether it was the spirit of the giving season, the urge to do something nice, or the fact that Sean Mckenna is just a genuinely good human being, he decided to randomly "pay it forward" while snagging a morning coffee.

I paid for the entire line of orders behind me at the Dunkin Donuts drive through. The chick at the drive-thru asks me 'Are you sure?' 'Hell yeah and tell them all to have a Happy Thanksgiving too!'
Not thinking twice after the transaction, Sean pulled out onto Route 1 in Saco headed to an oil change, when, while driving in the slow lane, Sean noticed the car behind him practically halfway in his trunk, flashing high beams.
Idiot Drivers via YouTube
Idiot Drivers via YouTube

After attempting to ignore the driver "riding [him] harder than the state of Maine's Revenue Services trying to collect last year's taxes," for a while, Sean finally had enough and pulled off the road, with the tailgater pulling up right behind him, and, in the pouring rain, walking to Sean's driver's side window and motioning him to roll it down.

And that's when Sean realized what he expected to be a next-level road rage incident you watch and laugh at while scrolling through TikTok, couldn't have been more opposite, once the tailgater began to speak.

Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you for buying my coffee this morning. I lost my wife last week to cancer. I know we don't know each other and I'm sorry I followed you but I just wanted you to know I really appreciated it. It's been a rough week and I needed that.

The moment and its levity wasn't lost on Sean, either, who got out of the car to hug this virtual stranger, who Sean said he could tell "was broken."

God put this dude in my life today so he could remind me that we're so quick to forget what others are dealing with. Especially around the holidays. Choose kindness. The world is messed up enough as it is.


Protect Sean Mckenna and everyone like him at all costs.

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