What began as a small flash mob in Monument Square in Portland in 2012 has grown to include over 100 dancers that big crowds turn out for each year before Halloween.

The "Thriller Throwdown" is a choreographed dance with over one hundred dancers from Maine who practice for weeks leading up to the performance. It's a recreation of the dance routine featured in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video from 1983.

The song was released on November 5, 1983 in the UK, a little late for Halloween, which the song has now become synonymous with. The song is so popular at Halloween that "Thriller" charts back on the Billboard Hot 100 every year. In 2021, it went all the way to number 18, the highest chart position since the original release.

According to News Center Maine, Portland dance instructor Kristin Sutton had the idea to do a flash mob based on "Thriller," and it has grown every year since, with over a hundred Mainers of all ages learning the moves over several weeks and dressing up in costume to perform.

Here's 2022's Thriller Throwdown celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Will Johnson is seen right up front in the role of zombie Michael Jackson, and his performance is right on the mark. As you can see in the video, a lot of practice, hard work, and dedication go into making this look as amazing as it does.

What are we in store for this year? How many zombies will be crammed into Monument Square to "terrorize y'alls neighborhoods?" You'll have to wait until Friday, October 27, to find out!

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