Talking about Christmas season in Maine really never gets old. In fact, all of New England never really gets old around the holidays; everything is so red and classy.

Towns like Kennebunkport and Bar Harbor have even made national headlines as being "A Hallmark Christmas Town, Best in The State", according to

If that isn't enough to convince you of Maine's beauty, here's a list of three more very crucial reasons why we knock other states out of the water around Christmas.

1. Most of Maine is very secluded and residents love to decorate their land.

There's tons of neighborhoods with the type of houses that you get the king-sized candy bars from during Halloween, and deck their roofs with sparkling lights for Christmas. The kind of houses you get hot chocolate and take a drive to go see.

2. Downtown Portland is a holiday dream to walk through.

Most storefronts are dressed from top to bottom with classy-looking Christmas decorations that make the city feel good. You can find a fun activity put on by a local business almost any night of the week. It's a beautiful community, and great for a holiday stroll.

3. There's a real-life polar express train that is fully decorated for the holidays, and actually runs.

This sounds too good to be true, but it's true! According to, The Polar Express Train Ride is Maine's largest annual fundraiser for the non-profit Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum. Something fun for the fam while donating to a great cause.

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