There are few media members more willing to tear themselves down than Keith Carson of News Center Maine. The popular meteorologist often attempts to mix small, sarcastic quips into his forecasts or social media posts to let everyone know he's in the joke, even if it's at his own expense.

Twitter via Keith Carson
Twitter via Keith Carson

Carson was up to his old tricks again during a recent forecast talking about the weather over Memorial Day weekend in Maine. The forecast for the holiday starts impressively and begins a slow and steady decline in both temperature and sunshine until a rainy, cloudy, and dreary Monday arrives.

As you can see on the graphic behind him, Carson joked that the weekend forecast would be an example of a steady decline, just like his television career. The trolls that are constantly chiding Carson could only hope it was true.

Carson has become one of the most popular Maine television personalities because he's willing to make fun of himself and do it regularly, even when it comes to forecasting weather. This remains one of the greatest self-roasts in Maine media history.

NEWS CENTER Maine / Townsquare Media
NEWS CENTER Maine / Townsquare Media

And let's not forget that Carson has also given himself titles that nobody even considered. When the infamous Will Smith/Chris Rock showdown happened at the Oscars, Keith Carson adorned himself with the title as the 'most slappable meteorologist in Maine'. Two years later, and not a single other meteorologist has disputed that claim.

We'll find out if Carson's forecast is right about the holiday weekend soon enough. His career forecast may take a little longer to figure out.


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