The spring enthusiasm is starting to build in Maine. The birds are chirping a little louder. The seasonal businesses are beginning to stir. The sun is setting a little later.

Speaking of the sun, March has rolled in with a gorgeous day that could set the tone for the month. The National Weather Service has predicted a 'toasty' next three months for Maine that will begin with some above-average warmth in March.


But the NWS appears to have left out one little detail. Perhaps something that is a little more difficult to predict. While temperatures may be above-average for the first half of March, it looks like that will come without any sun whatsoever.

Shared on Twitter by Mike Haggett, forecast models seem to be lining up on the notion that the first 10 to 15 days of March won't feature much sun at all. Maybe an occasional break through the clouds for an hour or two, but nothing sustained for an entire day or two.

Southern and central Maine could see the brunt of the eternal gray skies, as a quick run through the models for the next two weeks shows absolutely no prediction of sunny skies. Make sure to stockpile some coffee. The white you're seeing on these maps is firm cloud cover for the area. As you roll through the week, it starts to break for some of Maine, but not all.

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To add a little more salt to the wound, those same long-range forecast models are predicting that once Maine does see the sun again, an arctic cold front will be moving in to drop temperatures well below average. Let's call it a brisk welcome to spring.


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