Dear New Englanders who leave extra room in your Dunkin' coffee, and not necessarily just for cream: your prayers have finally been answered.

Dunkin’ announced that it will soon start selling spiked coffee drinks. In fact, a website has gone live showing off four flavors for the iced drinks: original, caramel, mocha, and vanilla.

Not a coffee person? No problem. The website is also listing flavors for spiked Dunkin' iced tea, including slightly sweet, half & half, mango pineapple, and strawberry dragon fruit.

The Krazy Coupon Lady via Facebook
The Krazy Coupon Lady via Facebook

At first, this sort of felt like the Ames department store fiasco from earlier in the year, where a website claimed the chain would be returning. But according to WCVB, Dunkin' issued a statement confirming the items are legit.

And if you visit the site, you can even order your Dunkin' Spiked in advance.

Of course, Dunkin' is arguably New England’s most legendary chain, thanks in no small part to its memorable commercials and advertising. So, in the spirit of the chain’s classic slogans – like “Time to Make the Donuts!” – here are Eight Great Slogans for Dunkin' Spiked Beverages:

  • That Thing You Already Do With Your Coffee? We’ve Done It For You
  • Not Your Average Joe, With Just a Hint of Jack
  • Start Your Day Right (Or, End it a Bit Early)
  • Say Things You Might Regret, But Louder
  • Love at the First Sip, Calling Your Ex by the Fifth
  • What Do You Think got Ben & J-Lo Back Together?
  • Flomax Has Met its Match!
  • America Rums on Dunkin

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