When it comes to grocery stores in New Hampshire, people feel PASSIONATELY about their grocery store of choice. Rarely will they stray from their pick because...LOYALTY! You're not going to find a Market Basket shopper doing their weekend shopping at Hannaford unless the circumstance is dire, and vise versa.

When I lived in Massachusetts, I was a Stop and Shop girl through and through. Not because I liked it better than Shaw's, Star Market, or Market Basket. It was simply because there was always a Stop and Shop conveniently located on my route home from work, and sometimes that's how decisions are made.

Now that I've lived in the Granite State for a few years, I can safely say I am a Hannaford's gal through and through. Don't get me wrong, I know the bargains are at Market Basket, and you can get "More for your Dollar". However, my shopping experience is important these days, and sometimes I simply don't have the strength for a Market Basket run since it's always so dang crowded.

I'll venture to the Whole Foods in Portsmouth if I'm feeling fancy, especially if I want to mess around with their prepared foods section. That is a lazy girl's dream.

A site called the Daily Meal released an article naming the best grocery store in every state. I found the results to be very surprising, but that is because I have never even heard of the choice for New Hampshire: Harvest Market. What the heck is that?!

Harvest Market of Wolfeboro via Facebook
Harvest Market of Wolfeboro via Facebook

Upon further investigation, I learned that Harvest Market is a specialty grocer in the beautiful lakes region town of Wolfeboro. No wonder I've never heard of it! They offer awesome party platters, and have an awesome prepared foods section where they change the lunch special daily. No wonder people love this place!

Have you ever been to Harvest Market? What did you love about it?

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