There are some foods that you just can't mess up. It's impossible! Like grilled cheese, for example. It's melted cheese on toasted bread. There's no variation of a grilled cheese sandwich that's not delicious.

I feel the same way about pizza! Even when it's bad, it's good. I love a Chicago deep dish pizza, a frozen Ellio's pizza, heck, I even like an English muffin pizza! I do not discriminate.

I was shocked to see that the site named the top five worst chain pizza joints in America. Who is bad-mouthing pizza, and what is their reasoning behind it?


Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominoes, and Little Caesars were all bashed in this article.

Keep scrolling to see the #1 worst pizza chain in America, with one location in New Hampshire.

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If your youth is full of memories of spending birthday parties in a ball pit while being serenaded by a spunky rat, then you are about to get offended. named Chuck E. Cheese as the worst pizza chain restaurant in North America.

The article goes on to call their pizza "cheese covered cardboard". Ouch. Their plethora of negative reviews claiming to be served cold pizza with a side of bad service contributes to its #1 spot as the worst chain pizza joint in the country.

If you agree with this verdict, Chuck E. Cheese is easily avoidable if you live in New Hampshire, because there's only one location in the entire state: Manchester.

If you find Chuck E. Cheese to be a charming establishment with delicious pizza, I am honestly right there with you.  Perhaps you and I need to move this party out west, since there are seventy five Chuck E. Cheese locations in the state of California. Don't tempt me with a good time!

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