Sometimes, even the simplest things can be the greatest amusement for many.

In a world where the Internet is a source of negativity and doomscrolling has become all too prevalent, everyone needs to laugh every once in a while.

For some New Hampshire locals, a source of said laughter came in the form of a post shared to the u local New Hampshire Facebook group. The online community has almost 150k members at the time of this writing, and centers on photo and video content featuring our beloved state. This could be any and everything, including a strange cloud formation that clearly resembles a man's face.

The picture, shared by Roxanne Alexis, was initially taken to capture the beautiful rainbow in the sky at the time. But after snapping the photo, it became apparent that the rainbow wasn't the only unusual thing up there. Upon sharing the photo to the Facebook group (you can view the image here), Roxanne mentioned the face's resemblance to late singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers, one of the best-selling musical artists of all time.

Getty Images for IEBA
Getty Images for IEBA

People could not get enough of the man in the clouds, and over 1,700 comments soon poured in, suggesting who the strange face best resembles. From religious figures to singers, actors, painters, businessmen, and other celebrities, there were a wide variety of hilarious responses. So, let's see who this mysterious man in the sky might be, according to Granite Staters. Who do you think he looks like?

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