Woah, woah, woah. Hold the phone. You can get soft serve at Market Basket?

Let's back it up for a minute.

Yours truly was obsessed with soft serve growing up. Nothing hit the spot on a warm summer day like a vanilla ice cream cone. Heck, it's still a treat every once in a while as an adult.

So it was understandably surprising see this post on the New Hampshire Eats Facebook group. The picture shows a bowl of twist soft serve topped with a cone and chocolate sprinkles. The caption reads,

People always mention Market Basket's subs, but don't sleep on the soft serve. $1.99 and it's huge.

Now, if you're like this writer, you're probably thinking, "Wait, Market Basket has soft serve ice cream? Since when?" Depending on which Market Basket location you shop at, this is a perfectly logical question to ask. It all depends on whether your store has a Market's Café.

As it turns out, several Market Basket locations have a Market's Café inside, offering "an extensive variety of coffees, teas, lattes, smoothies, and more." That also includes vanilla, chocolate, and twist soft serve ice cream, as seen in the below post from the chain's Instagram account.

If you're wondering which New England Market Basket locations have a café inside, you can look at the full list here. Now go treat yourself and get some ice cream – you've earned it.

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